Graham James

Sheldon Kennedy

In Larry Nassar case, Sheldon Kennedy sees history repeating

Shocking accounts of abuse at the hands of a USA Gymnastics physician show how much work remains to be done


Graham James’ two-year sentence for sexual assault called a ‘national travesty’

A two-year sentence for convicted sex-abuser Graham James led to widespread anger across Canada


Graham James sentenced to two years in prison

Former hockey coach Graham James will serve two years in prison for sexual assault against former NHL star Theoren Fleury and his cousin, Todd Holt, Canadian Press reports. James pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the two men hundreds of times when they were junior hockey players.


The endless feedback loop

Jack Layton, asked during a post-QP scrum yesterday, comments on recent government moves in response to the likes of Graham James and Clifford Olson.


Ontario’s sex offender registry has another shocking loophole

Pardoned sex offenders are automatically erased from the database


Stephen Harper laments Stephen Harper’s soft-on-crime attitude

The Prime Minister marks national crime victims week with reference to Graham James.


Pardon him? Understanding Graham James’s controversial case

The pardon is a formality, in a rubber-stamp system



Interesting reporting today from the CBC’s Neil Morrison and the Citizen’s Dan Gardner. Seems that whatever this past week’s outrage over the decision to pardon Graham James, the government conducted a review of the system three years ago. From Gardner’s version.

Pedogate: reacting to the overreaction

COLBY COSH on Graham James’s pardon

Suffering in silence no more

Why the former NHL star stayed quiet about the abuse for so long


Theo Fleury was abused: “An absolute nightmare, every day of my life”

MACLEAN’S EXCLUSIVE: Harrowing details from his new book and interview with the retired NHL star