Green Party

Paul speaks to the media following the federal election English-language leaders debate in Gatineau, Que., on Sept. 9, 2021 (Fred Chartrand/CP)

Annamie Paul was the unexpected hero of the leaders’ debate

Fatima Syed: For those looking for a different kind of politics to emerge from these tough pandemic times, Paul was the unexpected hero we didn’t know we had
Paul takes questions from the media in Ottawa on Oct. 3, 2020 (CP/Adrian Wyld)

New Green leader Annamie Paul on who she is and what’s next for her party

The new Green leader talks to Maclean’s about what her party has to offer, her proudest moments and how to get good people into politics
A large group of detainees are seen sitting on the ground in Hong Kong, China, 27 May 2020. Beijing plans to impose a national security law on the city banning sedition, secession and subversion through a method that could bypass Hong Kong's legislature. (Miguel Candela/EPA/CP)

Canada’s left have failed Hong Kong

Cherie Wong and Jody Chan: While the Liberal government ignores the nuances in the Chinese community fabric, we have also been abandoned by the New Democratic Party and the Greens over petty partisanship
Elizabeth May

The Green Party after Elizabeth May

Under the right leadership, the party might have accomplished so much more in the last election. It has a chance to right itself, if it’s not already too late.

Transcript: Elizabeth May’s post-election speech

What did Green Party leader Elizabeth May say after the election on Oct. 21? Find out here.
MMIWG Inquiry 20190603

Abolishing the Indian Act means eliminating First Nations’ rights

Pam Palmater: The Indian Act is used as a target to deflect blame for racist decisions made by the federal government; a clever guise to force the surrender of all First Nations’ rights

How millennials could power Elizabeth May’s Greens

Youth voter turnout spiked in 2015. Was that an anomaly, or the start of a meaningful trend? If millennials go to the polls en masse, that could be good news for the Greens

The Green Party won’t be silenced by TVA

Elizabeth May: Excluding Greens from debates isn’t just anti-democratic, it does a disservice to Canadians. We won’t back down.

We have no friends in politics

Andray Domise: Bigoted or not, the dust-up between the NDP and the Greens is a mere symptom of a much larger problem facing leftist voters in this country

Jagmeet Singh’s minority government calculus

Tom Parkin: The NDP leader said he’d never prop up a Conservative government. It was the right thing to do—and a play that will strengthen his hand.