Construction Continues on the Museum of the Bible Which Opens in November

Inside Washington’s strange new $500-million Bible museum

Funded by billionaire creationists, the museum of the Bible is getting attention mainly for what’s missing: lots of evangelizing
Rio Olympics Diving Women

2016 Rio Olympics: How to turn a green pool into a blue pool

But is it really all that hard to make Rio’s pools blue again? We ask an expert.
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Noise pollution

Frito-Lay is facing a backlash over its noisy bags in the U.S., but not in Canada
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Cooling off, with no guilt

Air conditioning that’s environmentally friendly? And cheap?
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A bicycle built for three (plus groceries)

Good for carrying both people and packages, the cargo bike is enjoying a revival
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A road that cleans the air

New material may soon become a valuable tool in the fight against pollution
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Trash or burn?

Vancouver aims to be the world’s greenest city by 2020