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The Backbench Spring: Bruce Hyer champions independence

‘I was not really the one who was punished by the party and by our system here’


Garneau on the long gun registry

While we’re sorting out everyone’s position on the gun registry, here are Marc Garneau’s comments to reporters after QP yesterday.


Mulcair on the long gun registry

While we’re sorting out everyone’s position on the gun registry, here are Thomas Mulcair’s comments to reporters after QP yesterday.


Justin Trudeau tries to explain himself

The Liberal leadership candidate explains how he defines failure.


Throwing the gun registry under the bus

Chris Selley mocks Justin Trudeau’s latest comments on the gun registry.

Justin Trudeau and the long gun registry

Over the weekend, Justin Trudeau used the word “failure” to describe the long gun registry.
The fact that we have a government, or successive governments, that have managed to polarize the conversations around gun ownership to create games in electoral races when you don’t have to have a … There is no concept, no idea, that gun ownership is ever going to be under attack for law-abiding hunters and farmers across this country. But we need to keep our cities safe and I don’t see that that’s an unsolvable solution but I do see that the long-gun registry, as it was, was a failure and I am not going to rescuscitate that. But we will continue to look at ways of keeping our cities safe and making sure that we do address the concerns around domestic violence right across the country in rural as well as urban areas in which, unfortunately, guns do play a role. But there are better ways of keeping us safe than that registry…
In response, Vic Toews and Candice Bergen tweeted their indignation. Pierre Poilievre and Francoise Boivin are dismayed.

Mr. Trudeau voted against C-391, Mr. Bergen’s bill that would have eliminated the registry, in September 2010. And afterwards he apparently had this interaction with protesters on Parliament Hill.


The Commons: Stephen Harper, environmentalist

“I was telling Laureen before I left the house today,” the Prime Minister quipped, “that these are people who when they say they prefer organic food you know they mean it.”


Q&A: Bruce Hyer

On the occasion of his departure from the NDP caucus, Bruce Hyer and I chatted today via telephone.


Candice Hoeppner, political scientist

Speaking in the House before the vote to eliminate the long-gun registry last week, Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner recalled how she had introduced similar legislation in the last Parliament. She then proceeded to gloat.


Threats and support for Vic Toews

A second video purported to be from Anonymous has been released.


The long gun registry: Very nearly at an end

The Harper government’s bill to end the long gun registry passed the House last night by a count of 159-130. Two NDP MPs—John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer—voted with the Conservatives, as they had on second reading. Mr. Hyer explains his vote.


About that Hitler analogy

Last Tuesday, Conservative MP Larry Miller compared the long-gun registry to Hitler. He quickly apologized, but a day later he stood by the merits of his comparison. Irwin Cotler subsequently demanded he be sanctioned and so Larry Miller rose in the House this morning to once again clarify his Hitler analogy.