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Dawson College disgraces itself in defending ethical hacker’s expulsion

They should have stuck with "no comment", writes Jesse Brown

GoDaddy hacked by Anonymous? Not likely.

How an improbable hack got some awkward media coverage
LinkedIn hack rotator

Hilarious tweets on the LinkedIn hack, a selection

Why in the world would one target such a boring site? Tweeters across the net give their two cents
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E-pirates draft a statute on best practices

You’d never guess it, but some hackers care about quality and consensus building
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Selling Google’s weaknesses to the government

French security firm Vupen is teaching law enforcement how to spy through Chrome
security cameras

Hackers spy on home security cameras

TRENDnet’s SecurView cams allowed strangers to access a live feed of very private images
On the ground in central London

Online gaming funds North Korean nukes

North Korean hackers are raking in cash to fund their government’s nuclear ambitions

Hacking your house key

Anyone with the right software and a 3D printer can do it