Gaza fighting moves to the courts

A break in fighting in Gaza hasn’t brought peace, it has moved the war to a new arena—the courts
Martin Patriquin

A crisis of leadership in Gaza

Hamas came to power as a slayer of corruption, not Zionism—and its support in Gaza may be crumbling
Thai-Muslim demonstrators burn an Israeli national flag during an anti-Israel protest in front of the Israeli embassy in Bangkok

Why Jews don’t dare criticize Israel

Why don’t Jews speak openly and critically about Israeli policy, as the Gaza conflict rages on? Thinly veiled anti-Semitism.
Western U snip

Democracy at UWO, hazing at Dal. & a Christian law school

What students are talking about today (January 17th)
Mideast Israel Palestinians

What to watch for in Gaza

Michael Petrou on unanswered questions in the conflict
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Is Israel violating Twitter’s Terms of Service? (and other stupid questions)

Voices, otherwise bullish on free speech online, are all for censoring the Israel-Hamas social media flame war
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“Informal” ceasefire with Israel reached: Hamas

Israeli officials decline comment on preliminary accord