A woman speaks to a crowd of people on a sunny day

Why Hamilton is now permitting homeless encampments and tiny homes in parks

Mayor Andrea Horwath says the long-term goal is to have everyone in permanent housing
Goldfish flourish in Hamilton Harbour’s low-oxygen conditions, growing up to 40 cm long by feeding on algae blooms that other fish species can’t eat (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

The goldfish invasion of Hamilton Harbour

Pet fish dumped in local waterways have become the scourge of Hamilton’s marshes and harbour

How Andrea Horwath became the imperfect underdog

The social activist turned politician was ideally placed to soak up the votes of fed-up Liberals. But do Ontarians know what they’re getting?
Inside An Amazon.com Distribution Center On Cyber Monday

For longshot cities, bidding on Amazon HQ was never really about Amazon

Laugh if you wish at Winnipeg and Hamilton, but they got everything they could ask from a continent-wide beauty contest
Jagmeet Singh

Hamilton has shed its rust. Can the New Democrats?

The sturdy former steel town doesn’t cry out for salvation, but industrial policy isn’t the party’s focus anyway

Lining up to say goodbye to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Those who knew the young corporal remember him as charismatic and loving. But at his visitation, it was that smile that came to mind first for so many.

The final homecoming of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Rachel Browne was in Hamilton for the return of a fallen soldier
Mike Moffatt

Why so many temporary foreign workers in southwest Ontario?

There’s no “severe labour shortage” in the region, but TFW numbers have risen dramatically
Condominiums are seen under construction in Toronto

10 cities where people curse the most

What the bleep is going on in Brampton, Halifax and Winnipeg?