high-speed rail

Kathleen Wynne’s pledge to spend billions on a bullet train makes zero sense

Jen Gerson: It’s time Ontario found some Alberta-style religion about debt


For profit government

Wading into a discussion about rail service between Quebec City and Windsor, Conservative MP Jeff Watson ventures an interesting stance on government spending.


Need for speed

NDP MP Brian Masse wants the government to get aboard the high-speed bandwagon.


The NDP agenda

The party is ready to propose language law reforms. And Brian Masse, potentially the industry critic in the next NDP shadow cabinet, sees an opportunity for high(er) speed rail.

The long, slow ride from NYC to Montréal

8:15am – Penn Station, New York City


High-speed rail over hockey

Is this the birth of a brave new Michael Ignatieff?


Idea alert

La Presse confirms Michael Ignatieff’s intention to pursue high-speed rail.


High-speed railroading

From the print edition, Andrew Coyne says a lot of really mean things about my high-speed rail dream. And yet I rather like where his argument ends up.


Unnecessary at any speed

The dream never dies, writes Andrew Coyne, because those pushing high-speed rail are impervious to reality


It’s a fast train

Elizabeth May on our Green, glorious, incredibly fast future: