Hong Kong

Interim Quebec Director of Public Health Dr. Luc Boileau responds to a question during a news conference in Montreal, Jan. 11, 2022. (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press)

Should we tax the unvaccinated?

Politics Insider for Jan. 13: The debate over Quebec’s tax on the unvaxxed; the backlash over Ontario’s handling of school openings; and a former Supreme Court justice’s controversial role in Hong Kong
Palestinians and Israeli forces clash in 2016 (Said Khatib/AFP/Getty Images)

The world’s stateless peoples are more vulnerable than ever

A growing number of stateless peoples are locked in political limbo, exposed to dangers the international community is too fractured to address

60 MPs urge sanctions against Chinese officials

A letter quoting the PM’s own foreign minister calls on the government to take action against Chinese and Hong Kong officials over ’human rights atrocities’
Police guard an MTR station exit near the Legislative Council in Hong Kong on May 27, 2020 (Isaac lawrence/AFP/Getty Images)

Waiting for China to change its behaviour is to wait for the worst yet to come

Shannon Gormley: Countries such as Canada have waited for Beijing to come around, but the territories closest to the mainland, and thus in gravest danger from its overreaches, have run out of time
A large group of detainees are seen sitting on the ground in Hong Kong, China, 27 May 2020. Beijing plans to impose a national security law on the city banning sedition, secession and subversion through a method that could bypass Hong Kong's legislature. (Miguel Candela/EPA/CP)

Canada’s left have failed Hong Kong

Cherie Wong and Jody Chan: While the Liberal government ignores the nuances in the Chinese community fabric, we have also been abandoned by the New Democratic Party and the Greens over petty partisanship
Riot police in Hong Kong detain a protester on Sunday during a demonstration against Beijing's national security legislation (Vincent Yu/AP)

The fight for a free Hong Kong isn’t over just because Canada wants no part of it

Terry Glavin: Politicians, academics and activists around the world say Beijing has undermined its claim to sovereignty over Hong Kong by breaching its 1997 agreement with Britain. Will the Trudeau government join them?

In the battle over Hong Kong, the surveillance state knows no boundaries

There is a proxy war happening in Vancouver over Hong Kong and activists say that not only are they being watched, but pro-Beijing provocateurs are trying to intimidate them

Our Western silence is stupid

Shannon Gormley: By now we know the costs borne by Hong Kong protesters include hammer blows to the head, bullets to the shoulder and pepper spray to the face

How Hong Kong refugees who sheltered Edward Snowden found a new life in Canada

Two of the ’Snowden refugees’ have a new home in Montreal. What about the others?
Anti-Government Protest Movement in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the countdown is on to 2047

Shannon Gormley: Hong Kong authorities withdrew an extradition bill that spurred protests by the millions. But just wait for real change in a couple of short decades.