Hosni Mubarak


Egypt’s old bogeyman returns

Welcome to the terrifying reality of a post-coup Middle East country
Mideast Egypt

The truth about the Arab Spring

... and what it means for what comes next in Egypt
The coup capital of the world?

Egypt: The coup capital of the world?

If Egyptians want long-lasting political peace, they must bridge the divides tearing them apart
Tahrir Square_290x445

Egypt: A state of hope, unravelled

With the economy in turmoil, protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square call for change once again
Mideast Egypt

Michael Petrou on the shifting alliances of Egypt’s revolution

Mubarak supporters, opponents march together in Tahrir Square
Presidential candidate Mohamed Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood waves to a crowd outside a mosque after attending Friday Prayers in Cairo

Newsmakers 2012: Mohamed Morsi, an unlikely peacemaker

Michael Petrou on the Muslim Brotherhood in post-revolution Egypt
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Newsmakers: June 1-7, 2012

Kathie Lee makes viewers cringe, François Hollande caps CEO pay, and a bad week for the Biebs
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One giant leap for democracy in Egypt

Despite the arrests and suppression of dissent, the current presidential race shows how far the country has come
A year later, still dreaming of change

A year later, Egypt still dreaming of change

The crowds were sparse, but hope remains in Tahrir square
Brotherhood goes live

The Muslim Brotherhood takes to the airwaves

The Islamic political movement has its own, slick channel