An arrow hits a target that looks like microbes

Superbugs are overpowering antibiotics. We should fight them with phage therapy.

In 1917, a Franco-Canadian scientist pioneered a treatment that’s become a powerful weapon against antibiotic-resistant infections. It should be available here.
Ishwar Puri (courtesy McMaster University)

Innovating in a bigger pond: McMaster’s engineering dean heads to California

Paul Wells talks to Ishwar Puri about California versus Canada, the changing nature of education, and what happens when the worlds of politics and research collide

The municipal ’innovation’ hustle

John Lorinc: What will Torontonians get from the Civic Innovation Office in 2020? Or is ’innovation’ just another buzz word?

An era of bathroom innovation has begun

Poo has long been a North American taboo. But companies like Tushy and Squatty Potty are sensing an opportunity to strike gold in all that brown
Checking the Network Servers

Big money for innovation, but questions about the strategy behind it all

The 2018 federal budget includes new funding for research, commercialization and support for exporters

Canada is lagging on innovation—and the Liberals aren’t helping

Opinion: Ottawa’s activist, government-centric approach won’t change Canada’s struggles around innovation or productivity
Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Reza Moridi

To help foundations help Canada, our fundamental research system must improve

Opinion: Leaders of high-profile family foundations across Canada on the need for world-class research, for their work and for future businesses
Laboratory Experiment blood test

Innovative science research in Canada is dying a silent death

Opinion: Federal science funding continues to be cut, shuttering labs and slowing innovation. And Canadians should be mad.
Navdeep Bains

Q&A: Navdeep Bains on selling ’superclusters’

The Liberal innovation minister on how he’ll pitch the ’supercluster’ plan, picking economic winners and what really motivates him
Navdeep Bains

Too much innovation talk can be a bad thing

The Trudeau government says it’s focussed on an innovation agenda. But what does that even mean?