Inside Ottawa

Canada’s Minister of State for Democratic Reform Poilievre speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Pierre Poilievre on partisanship

One of question period’s leading characters on the value of conflict
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Does Parliament need a national ‘speak no evil’ day?

MP Irwin Cotler’s motion sets out to find the delicate line of partisanship between vicious attack and honest airing of differences
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There’s no place like home — especially if you want to be re-elected. Our Political Editor Paul Wells explains

In praise of the airless rooms of parliamentary committees

What happens when the cameras turn away, the visitors leave and the MPs stop playing games? Work, maybe.

The little guy’s big chance in parliament

Private members’ bills are having a moment in Ottawa—at least, if you’re a Conservative MP
John Geddes

Whatever happened to real debate in the House of Commons?

The sad truth about the stultifying nature of Canadian parliamentary debate
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How to Be a Better Canadian: Watch QP

Aaron Wherry explains why Canadians should watch Question Period
House of Commons 20130327

Questioning question period

Nowhere is the dereliction of duty more evident than in the House of Commons, writes Brent Rathgeber

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The Maclean’s political editor gives a behind-the-scenes tour of Parliament Hill