Putting the ‘limp’ in Olympics: Calgary’s 2026 bid lives on, but for what, exactly?

City council chose Monday against euthanizing the bid, but there is not much of a ‘Yes’ side left eager to lose money and get hosed by the IOC

Sochi: Meet the new boss

IOC head Thomas Bach defends the status quo

Canada’s lord of the Olympic rings

Marcel Aubut is a man who takes no guff and has no filter – and no doubt, he’s the key to the country’s Olympic success

Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

The U.S. goes four years without a commercial airline crash and J. Lo finds a way around the Grammys dress code

Newsmakers: Sept. 12-19, 2012

Names in the news

Will and Kate fight back, Bill Clinton reveals the secret to his presidency and Putin ’fesses up


My New City

The Games didn’t change Vancouver and Canada—rather, they reflected a change that had already occurred in us


Shredding, Dropping, Chasing

A ‘Whistler girl’ takes gold in the Olympic’s newest sport, ski cross


Gold or bust

Dan Gardner considers the public policy and politics of Olympic sport.


Jacques goes Rogge

Our women’s hockey gold may be the last one for a while.


Heading to the Downtown Eastside for the swankiest party of the Games

Bob Rennie’s bash drew Iggy, Olympians, and protesters


Interview: Johann Olav Koss

The Right to Play CEO on how the charity is dealing with its banishment from the Games


It’s the best of times, and the worst

Some see all the glory of the Games. To others they are an abomination. Both have a point.