A pedestrian walks past a Beats brand display in the subway system of New York

Why Apple bought Beats

Dr. Dre, a cultural tastemaker, is precisely what Apple needs
iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch

Still trying to explain the iPod tariff

Still no answer on end user certificates
Jobs (Design)_slide

The computer as modern art

Jobs didn’t just sell Macs and iPods, he made beautiful objects—a revolutionary idea in his industry

Don’t underestimate Apple’s contributions

Peter Nowak on how it may be easy to hate Apple, but it’s still misguided

Steve Jobs put doing ahead of talking

Very few companies in any sector have achieved the level of influence Apple has under Jobs
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Berlusconi strikes again, Justin Bieber as wedding singer, and B.C. investigates the alleged bunny killer
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A sweeter sound

How good can laptops and MP3s get? Digital music gets a rethink.