Iranian embassy


Ontario court rules cultural centres exposed by Maclean’s are Iranian fronts

The Ontario Superior Court has issued a restraining order against Iran’s property in Canada, as the family of an American woman killed by Hamas seeks to collect on a U.S. court judgment totalling almost $13 million.

Flag of Islamic Republic of Iran flies again in Ottawa

The flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran today flies on the grounds of its former embassy, which was shut down last month. It had been removed in September, following Canada’s decision to shutter the embassy.


Expelled Iranian diplomats arrive home

Iran’s English language propaganda arm Press TV has a report on the expelled Iranian diplomats. Ehsan Mohammadi, former president of the Iranian Cultural Association of Carleton University, is among them. My favourite clip, though, is of the young boy wearing a T-shirt that appears to be emblazoned with a stylized American flag. You can see him about 11 seconds in.


Heroes’ Welcome planned for expelled Iranian diplomats

Iran’s embassy staff departed Ottawa at 10 o’clock this morning on a charter flight to Tehran. The Iranian government has planned an airport welcome reception for the diplomats upon their arrival.

Why shutting the embassy won’t cut off the long arm of the Islamic Republic

Many of the regime’s elite have made Canada their home


‘We have some concerns with the way you’ve spun the facts:’ Senator Don Meredith’s office responds

Yesterday I received the following email from Kevin Bourne, “communications and policy adviser” for Senator Don Meredith, regarding my article about the senator’s attendance at an Iranian embassy reception at Ottawa’s City Hall:

Tory senator joins Iranian embassy shindig

Don Meredith, apparently, didn’t see any contradictions with his party’s hard line on Iran


Iran seeks to open religious school in Montreal

An Iranian religious education organization under the ultimate supervision of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is attempting to establish a school in Montreal — violating Canadian regulations about what Iran is allowed to do in this country, and worrying expatriate Iranians who fear Iran’s growing influence here.


The National Post and Ottawa Citizen on Iran’s outreach efforts in Canada

Last month I wrote about Iranian efforts to reach out to ex-pat Iranians and other Muslims in Canada, through its embassy, front organizations, student group, and funding a lavish “student conference” for those who belong to approved “cultural communities.”


Iranian embassy postpones student convention; Canadian Research Council drops out

An Iranian embassy-sponsored student conference originally scheduled for July has been postponed, and a Canadian government-fiunded research council has ended its participation in the event.


Iran’s long reach into Canada

The Iranian government is aggressively reaching out to the Iranian diaspora in Canada


Carleton University teams up with Iranian embassy to honour Ayatollah Khomeini

Carleton University in Ottawa last weekend hosted a pro-Islamic Republic of Iran propaganda event sponsored in part by the Iranian embassy.