SexCriminals 445×290

No sex in the iTunes App Store (please visit our bookstore)

A strange decision that looks like censorship
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iTunes inheritance

After you die, who gets your digital albums and collection of leatherbound e-books?
Apple Analyst

Apple needs to sort its iTunes mess

Ever tried to delete a picture on your iPhone?
How Jobs rescued old media

How Steve Jobs rescued old media

Music was free online, until Jobs showed that people still wanted to pay
Björk is crazy, like a fox

Björk is crazy, like a fox

Her new app-heavy CD proves she’s still the craftiest kid at the school of pop

Zune Music comes to Canada

The digital music space—legal and less so—is getting mighty crowded
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The Internet is a 99 cent store

This magic number allows people to get comfortable buying what used to be free
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Playing a sad song

Digital music sales have hit a wall, raising tough questions about the future of the recording industry
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Discount chart-topper

Feel-good music: In the U.S., Arcade Fire sold 156,000 copies of its new album in one week
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Maclean’s Interview: K’naan

The rapper on his smash hit, Wavin’ Flag, almost quitting the World Cup trophy tour, and why street cred isn’t important