Jack Mintz

The leaders are all discussing the economy. And missing the point.

Evan Solomon and Jack Mintz discuss the real economic issue that’s been missing from the election: how to keep growth going

Who is Jack Mintz? The name on every politician’s lips.

The University of Calgary economist eludes political pigeon-holing. All three parties have received his support, as well as his criticism

Tax experts square off on income splitting

In conversation with Jack Mintz and Rhys Kesselman


Blaine Calkins offers a selective reading of Jack Mintz

Conservative MP Blaine Calkins rose before Question Period this afternoon with the following.


Jack Mintz and putting a price on carbon

A central figure in the carbon-pricing debate is economist Jack Mintz. In protesting the NDP’s cap-and-trade proposal, for instance, the Conservatives have invoked—see here, here and here—the projection of the respected economist that the NDP’s 2011 proposal would have raised gas prices by 10 cents per litre. (There was some debate on this point during the last election. Andrew Leach projected the increase at about four cents per litre. The Pembina Institute found likewise.)


Are we infected?

Thomas Mulcair worries that we’re suffering from Dutch Disease.


Idea alert

Jack Mintz, an economist whose expertise the Harper government values very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much, has co-authored a report calling for the elimination of various GST exemptions.


The Mintz conundrum

Andrew Mayeda reviews the state of play on environmental policy.


Something more effective

Ken Boessenkool, a former advisor to Stephen Harper, and economist Jack Mintz take up the census debate in search of something somehow better.


Canada climate-change hoax of the week

Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t the one by the Yes Men.


The Commons: Peter MacKay picks a fight with God

With few left on this earthly realm to denounce, the government wits seek a higher target