Jacob Zuma

EFF Rally In Pretoria

Is Julius Malema the new Nelson Mandela?

How a radical leader with a checkered past is winning voters away from the party of Nelson Mandela and inspiring a new kind of politics
Armed and evasive

Arms Procurement Commission begins amid fraud allegations

It’s a rocky start for Jacob Zuma’s government
The Mandela soap opera gets dirty

The Mandela family soap opera gets dirty

Nelson Mandela’s clan bickers as the 94-year-old patriarch remains in hospital
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Newsmakers: Chris Hadfield, Theresa Spence and another Bhutto

Plus, a Kansas couple who take helicopter parenting to new heights

The trouble with South Africa’s new political order

As the gap between rich and poor widens, popular dissatisfaction—and with it dissent—is rising
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Where’s the South African protest now?

Jacob Zuma and the African National Congress have wronged many, but few are willing to stand up against them
South Africa miners Lonmin judicial commission of inquiry

South Africa and the Marikana effect

After a strike left 34 dead, one mining firm increased wages by 22 per cent. Could the deal be contagious?
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Jacob Zuma: not so rotten after all

South Africa’s new president is proving his critics wrong
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Week in Pictures: May 7th – May 13th, 2009

The best pics of the last seven days