James Cowan


Senate 2.0: Back to life, but struggling for legitimacy

Evan Solomon on the renaissance of the Senate. (It’s complicated.)
Senate 300×300

How should the Senate be?

Beset with scandal, the Senate adjourns and passes up two opportunities to assert itself and its purpose. Now what?
Senate 300×300

Another existential week for the Senate

An increasingly sparse Senate knowingly passes a flawed bill
Senate 300×300

Bluffer’s guide: What did Justin Trudeau do to the Senate?

This changes everything. Or nothing. Or something.

The sketch: Stephen Harper sits down and Mike Duffy stands up

The senator for PEI scorches the earth and singes the red carpet
Parliament Building

A transparency-measuring contest

The rush to be seen being accountable
David Johnston

Maclean’s exclusive: David Tkachuk on Mike Duffy, Nigel Wright and the Senate

An interview with the chair of the internal economy committee
Mike Duffy

The Senate’s investigation of Mike Duffy is like a game of Clue

The first draft is leaked and fingers are pointed
David Johnston

Is this any way to treat a scandal?

The matter of Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy is pursued in the House and Senate

The Commons: The Real Senators of Parliament Hill

May you never again have to wonder where your senator lives