Child Survivors Of Auschwitz

The unknown story of how 300,000 Jews were saved in WWII

In secret talks, would-be saviours duped Himmler into thinking he should stop the extermination of Jews

Poland’s dark hunt

New research reveals some Poles were encouraged by the Nazis to actively persecute the Jewish population

Israel’s reckoning

Later this year, the country’s Jewish population will hit six million—the same number of Jews killed by Nazi Germany
Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman, political prostitute

Last election, the comedian rallied Jews in Florida to vote for Obama. This time, she’s got an indecent proposal on the table
Missing image

It’s ‘apartheid’ time again. Pick your villain.

Students boycott Israel, but are blasé about Syria. Why?
Honouring a lost community

Honouring Macedonia’s lost Jewish community

Almost all of Macedonia’s Jews died in the Holocaust. Now a new museum is keeping their memory alive.

Some Jews are more Jewish than others

The Israeli government pulls a controversial ad campaign warning Israelis in the U.S. their Jewish identity is at risk
Moses’ many co-authors

Moses’ many co-authors

An Israeli computer science professor is trying to prove that several different people wrote the Torah together

So much for the ’People of Einstein’ myth

A student makes Jews look bad. But that’s a good thing.

So much for the ’People of Einstein’ myth

Emma Teitel on how a York University student makes Jews look bad—and why that’s a good thing