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I’ve been a headhunter for 25 years and I’ve never seen a job market like this

"Right now, companies are experiencing a similar situation: all of their job postings are just not attracting applicants as they used to"
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Canada’s demographic gap can’t be filled with immigrants

Despite the record number of immigrants who came to Canada in the last year, it is not nearly enough to fill the gap left behind by retiring baby boomers
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What new job numbers tell us about Canada’s economy in 2015

About the best thing that can be said about Canada’s job numbers over the last year is that they could have been worse
Garcia crashes into a hurdle during his 110 hurdles heat of the men’s decathlon at the 15th IAAF Championships in Beijing

The jobs that won—and lost—in the Harper years

Some occupations did wildly better than others, both in terms of the number of jobs and what they got paid. Here’s how they all stacked up.

Canada’s job market can’t get off the ground

These three job market measures paint a picture of an economy suffering from a failure to launch
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Why so many temporary foreign workers in southwest Ontario?

There’s no “severe labour shortage” in the region, but TFW numbers have risen dramatically

How safe is your job?

The recession is over, but factories are still closing, companies are downsizing and people are getting laid off

Finding work is the missing link for university students

Universities are good at imparting knowledge, but most fail when it comes to teaching students how to get a job
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Sociology job market improves

But jobs available don’t match students’ interests
Take all the time you want . . .

Take all the time you want . . .

Unlimited vacations sound like a great perk, but may be a boss’s best weapon to make you work even harder