Joe Clark

Ont NDP Announcement 20180317

’Change’ or just more of the same? It’s campaign slogan déjà vu.

QUIZ: The Ontario NDP is offering ’change for the better’. They’re not the first. Match these campaign taglines to the leader and election.
Joe Clark Swearin in

Joe Clark struts and frets his hour

Paul Wells on a play about... Joe Clark? ’1979’ is a surprisingly funny, charming take on the last days of Clark’s government
Kim Campbell  Brian Mulroney

Life after 24 Sussex: What comes next for former prime ministers?

Most served as corporate directors. Two testified at public inquiries. One will help appoint the next Supreme Court justice.
Royal Winnipeg Ballet.  Going Home Star.  Photograph by Rejean Brandt

Watch: Truth, reconciliation, and art’s ability to heal

Missed the talk? Watch the National Arts Centre’s panel on art and reconciliation right here
House of Commons 20130327

History, discretion and how to settle an election

What happened after the Saskatchewan election in 1929
Stephrn Harper

Stephen Harper as Rich Little

A new video shows a little levity from the 2011 campaign trail
Missing image

Peter Lougheed, R.I.P.

Colby Cosh on the Lougheed mystique and its legacy