John A. Macdonald

Shoes sit in front of the Parliament buildings during a ceremony on June 3, 2021 in Ottawa (Adrian Wyld/CP)

John A. Macdonald can wait

Stephen Maher: We are at the beginning, not the end, of a process of reassessing our history, and filling in the silences that are needed to get at the truth
The head of a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald in Montreal, in August 2020 (Graham Hughes/CP)

Burying Sir John A. Macdonald

The first prime minister will no longer be put on a pedestal as the debate turns to what to put up in his place
Ravyn Wngz is a member of Black Lives Matter Toronto (Jalani Morgan)

’As a queer, trans and Afro-Indigenous woman, I believed that I could never be a representative of Black liberation’

Ravyn Wngz: On July 18, Black Lives Matter Toronto held an art demonstration that involved painting and stencilling three racist statues in pink. To me, the colour pink represents life—vibrant, bold and free.

What fights about ’erasing’ history are really about

Canada’s debate about whom and what we remember requires shared sets of facts, ideas and stories—a canon on which we can all rely. It’s time for us to rethink that canon, writes Murad Hemmadi.
Ismail Mohamed Nur

Monuments aren’t museums, and history suffers when we forget that

Opinion: Removing statues of controversial historical figures doesn’t erase them from history—because recording history simply isn’t the function of statues
Overthrow of Enver Hoxha monument in Tirana in March 1991.

Education is not enough to counter monuments to history’s scoundrels

Opinion: How can the antidote for tributes to problematic figures be education, when it has already proven it’s not up to the task?

Rewriting history? That’s how history is written in the first place

Opinion: As the debate over John A. Macdonald rages on, we must remember that revisiting history is an act of making a new history

Why John A. Macdonald’s name doesn’t belong on Canada’s schools

Let’s teach our children about Macdonald, not make them line up under his banner, writes Cherie Dimaline
Jean Chretien Election Campaign 1997

What makes an effective prime minister?

The brains behind our latest prime minister rankings explain how the survey worked, and what it revealed
Parliament 1866

Celebrating 150 years of Parliament Hill

On Wednesday, Ottawa celebrates 150 years of the legislature meeting on Parliament Hill. Here’s what they did on day one.