John Tory

Rachel Notley

Piping hot from the think-tank microwaves, here come Alberta election ideas

Jason Markusoff’s Alberta Politics Insider for March 29: Off-the-shelf policy, vanquishing the Toronto menace, and more

It’s time for John Tory to show Toronto what kind of leader he actually wants to be

John Tory handily won re-election as Toronto’s mayor. But whether measured blandness will be his political legacy is now up to him—and Doug Ford
John Tory

It would be irresponsible if Ontario didn’t postpone Toronto’s municipal election

Opinion: For the sake of stability and an election driven by actual civic issues, Ontario needs to delay the voting for Toronto city council. Here’s how
Doug Ford

Will Doug Ford finally get the better of Toronto city council?

Toronto voted to challenge the premier’s plan to slash the size of council. But with no clear path to win, it’s likely to be an exercise in futility.
Toronto mayor John Tory in his city hall office.

Toronto Mayor John Tory talks to Paul Wells

Tory on Doug Ford’s plan to slash city council, taking on a new electoral opponent—and the difference between the premier and his late brother, Rob
John Tory

Mayor John Tory slams Ford on plan to slash number of Toronto council seats

Ford hopes to cut the number of council seats from 47 to 25

Google’s Sidewalk Labs project in Toronto is already creating jobs—in New York

Sidewalk Labs recently posted several jobs. The catch: they’re not for Canadians—at least not those who want to remain in the country.
Justin Trudeau

Politicians need to learn how to show, not tell

From Justin Trudeau to John Horgan, Canadian politicians are failing to take action to back up their talk, writes Andray Domise
Nick Kouvalis

How to win like Nick Kouvalis in seven easy steps

Nick Kouvalis helped Rob Ford and John Tory win. This is how one of Canada’s top political strategists hopes to work his magic with Kellie Leitch.

How Nick Kouvalis turns candidates into winners

Nick Kouvalis got Rob Ford elected. Now, he’s the brains behind Kellie Leitch’s populist campaign.