John Turner


Hey America, this is how you do a leaders debate

As you watch Trump debate Biden you might be wondering if there’s a better way. So we present to you Canada’s iconic and admirable 1984 election debate.
Jane Philpott Justin Trudeau

Resigning on principle? It (almost) never happens in politics

When Jane Philpott stepped down as Treasury Board president on Monday, she joined a small handful of historic examples
Kim Campbell  Brian Mulroney

Life after 24 Sussex: What comes next for former prime ministers?

Most served as corporate directors. Two testified at public inquiries. One will help appoint the next Supreme Court justice.
Peace Tower

William Thorsell: ’The editorial I’d write ... if I were still writing them’

In a dispatch to followers, an ex-Globe editor dipped into his former trade. The column has people talking, which is why we reprint it here
Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff

Important moments in Canadian election debate history

With Maclean’s debate coming Aug. 6, here’s a look at how a misplaced prop or a perfect one-liner in a debate can affect fortunes—for better or worse

The ghosts of Liberal backrooms past

Sure, there are divisions in the Liberal party. There are divisions in every party.

Statistical probabilities

The last three changes in government were not obviously foretold by publicly available polling data