Jon Hamm

Mad Men: Bang! Zoom! To the Moon!

Some thoughts on the ‘midseason finale’

With an EDM ban, Toronto gets ‘Footloose’

Six Ways to Sunday: On a moralizing ban on a music that councillors didn’t care for, plus how we should feel about the death of Archie

Juliette lewis liked my purse!

Novice on the red carpet: Juliette Lewis liked my purse!

At TIFF2011, Jessica Allen learned the ins and outs of celebrity hunting. Now she’s back …


Jon Hamm Says “What?” For A Minute and a Half

The maker of this YouTube video has figured out the secret of Matt Weiner’s success in writing Mad Men: have your main character say “What?” as often as possible. Of course this may all be part of his multi-season master plan leading up to the big revelation: Don Draper needs a hearing aid.


The real mad men

Recovering car companies are turning to big-name actors to voice their latest ad campaigns

Meet the talented Will Ferrell, Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm and Blake Lively

Who’s manscaped, who thinks his movie star days are numbered, and is there depth to this starlet?


Playboy + Strombo + Coyne = TIFF evening 2

Policing the Playboy bunnies, Big Boi’s tame set, and the secret to TIFF partying from George S.


Wild times

For 17 days, the Olympics were all about the competition. And for 17 crazy nights, they were all about the parties.


The Insider Olympics

Lineups? Public transit? VIPs had a very different experience of the Games, from ‘swag suites’ to five-star dining.


Inside the hottest swag suite of the Olympics

I’m standing in swag epicentre of the 2010 Olympics, or, as it’s also known—the Bay’s “gift” suite located in the penthouse of the Loden, a luxe boutique hotel discretely off the downtown beaten track. The room is bright and airy, filled with neatly ordered racks of the Bay’s official 2010 Olympic branded gear. The scarce red mittens that have become a cult item are piled in a wicker basket. A PR person politely asks if I’d like a pair. “No, thanks,” I tell him. It’s a rule (often broken) that journalists never accept gifts.


Newsmakers ’09: Winners

The year’s winners