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How political satire let Americans down in the U.S. election

Satire made in The Daily Show’s image made politics seem like entertainment, lulling viewers and voters into complacency
Behind the Scenes with Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is back, now at HBO. Could he change the VR game?

Jon Stewart, former Daily Show host, has inked a deal with HBO to make ’timely short-form digital content’— with one very interesting component
Behind the Scenes with Jon Stewart

Why Jon Stewart is like Donald Trump

The outgoing host and the incoming President?

The Thrill: Jon Stewart, Degrassi, ghostwriting in rap

Our pop-culture podcast on the politics of the Daily Show’s host, the newly renewed Degrassi, and the Drake vs. Meek Mill ghostwriting beef
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hold rally ‘Restore Sanity’ and ‘Keep Fear Alive’ at the National Mall

The divided America that Jon Stewart leaves behind

He came in championing a sensible, non-partisan way for America. He paved the way for the exact opposite.

Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

’No one can replace Jon Stewart,’ says South African comedian picked to do just that
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The legacy of Jon Stewart as he exits the Daily Show

Comedy Central’s king of late night is getting out of the business he helped change.
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Larry Wilmore can keep calm. But can he carry the show?

Jon Stewart’s mild-mannered ‘black correspondent’ is more than the new Stephen Colbert—and he’ll have to be, as he’s set to take his time slot
Portrait of Jon Stewart.  Photograph by Kourosh Keshiri.

Video: Jon Stewart brings an Iranian-Canadian’s story to life

Jon Stewart’s genius for finding humour in the banality of evil makes its way to his directorial debut, ’Rosewater’
John Oliver in New York.

John Oliver’s twist on television

It’s not Jon Stewart 2.0. British import John Oliver is mobilizing viewers with a whole new kind of comedy