Joyce Fairbairn


Senator Fairbairn to retire

Senator Joyce Fairbairn, whose health was the subject of controversy this past August, will retire on January 18, 2013. Bob Rae has released the following statement.


What we don’t know about Senator Fairbairn

Jordan Press notes the constitutional conundrum Senator Fairbairn might present.


Senator Fairbairn’s situation

Don Martin considers Senator Fairbairn’s situation.


‘These guys have no shame’

In an email to the Post’s Jonathan Kay, a Conservative senator blames the Liberal side.


Senator Fairbairn and public office

Liberal Senator Jim Munson defends Joyce Fairbairn.


Senator Fairbairn and the Senate

Jonathan Kay considers the situation with Senator Fairbairn.


‘The same respect for their privacy as other Canadians’

A statement from Liberal Senator James Cowan.


The case of Senator Fairbairn

The Citizen and Star detail the circumstances of Senator Joyce Fairbairn’s dementia diagnosis.


Paralympics launch in Ottawa

The 2010 Paralympic torch was lit in Ottawa prior to the Games in Vancouver. Below, Rick Mercer with fans.

Trudeau chills with his old crew

Members of Katimavik, Canada’s leading youth service program, were on the Hill for a reception which they do several times a year. Joining them was Montreal Liberal MP Justin Trudeau who used to be Chair of the Board of Directors of Katimavik. Trudeau poses below with a youth and loaf of bread.