Senator Fairbairn to retire

Senator Joyce Fairbairn, whose health was the subject of controversy this past August, will retire on January 18, 2013. Bob Rae has released the following statement.

“Joyce Fairbairn served her country, and especially her province of Alberta, with dignity, pride and devotion in the more than 40 years of her public life. She broke ground throughout her distinguished career as one of the first women journalists in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, senior advisor to Prime Minister Trudeau, and then as the first woman Leader of the Government in the Senate. She worked tirelessly to help Canadians, especially those facing challenges, particularly through her work on literacy and the Paralympics. And, as she now faces health challenges of her own, she continues to inspire all of us.

“Arlene and I have enjoyed Joyce’s friendship for a long time, and we look forward to that continuing for years to come.”