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Despite her family’s desperate efforts to safeguard her, Darian was killed in July 2020 (Courtesy of Michelle Jones)

Five shots took Darian’s life. But before that, a justice system failed

Peel police chief Nish Duraiappah expressed frustration at the time for "a complete failure of our justice system to protect her.”
An exhibit from an affidavit filed by Alberta prosecutor Travis Stang as part of a proposed class action lawsuit of Albertans held too long before their bail hearing. In this graphic, the circles represent detainees’ bail packages submitted by Edmonton Police to the provincial bail office, while the squares represent periods of Edmonton Oiler hockey games. (Alberta Public Records)

Were Edmonton police delaying bail-hearing paperwork to watch the Oilers?

An affidavit filed in court strongly suggests it, as the province defends itself against claims it’s been holding suspects too long without giving them a shot at bail
Cannabis Legalization Day Celebration In Toronto

Clearing pot charges from Canadians’ records would be a good start—but it’s not enough

Opinion: The Canadian government should explore reparations for people whose cannabis-related criminal offences have stopped them from fully participating in society
Sask Farm Shooting Protests 20180210

What could reform look like, after the fury over the Stanley acquittal?

Opinion: The trial over Colten Boushie’s death has re-exposed raw wounds. Is Indigenous self-determination over criminal justice the way forward?

Hundreds of suspected criminals could be about to go free

A Supreme Court ruling is a ‘wake-up call’ for the justice system at a time when cases have never been more complicated and resources stretched so thin

Christie Blatchford takes on the legal system

A long-time court reporter on how she fell out of love with Canada’s justice system
Robin Camp

The Robin Camp case: Who judges judges?

Justice Robin Camp’s mishandling of a rape case raises questions about the training and accountability of Canadian judges

The real reason Marco Muzzo could get off easy

Muzzo won’t avoid serious jail time because of a good lawyer. In Canada, impaired drivers who kill almost always escape with light prison sentences.
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Is it any wonder we don’t report?

A lot needs to change in the criminal justice system before more women come forward