Kady O'Malley

Rick Mercer on what’s to come in 2014: ‘Stephen Harper will resign’

The CBC’s ranter-in-chief predicts the Conservative Party’s future


This week in fixing Parliament

Kady O’Malley suggests the time allotted for statements by members be moved (in my opinion, if members’ statements are to be reformed they’ll either have to be moved or eliminated entirely).


Footnotes on this new age of decorum

In light of the latest call for civility in the House of Commons, here is what I wrote the last time the issue was raised.


Restored for posterity

Kady O’Malley tries to track down an explanation for the missing Martin Luther King reference. Whatever the reason for it not appearing in Hansard, John Williamson is apparently going to make sure it is restored.


Who’s entitled to Old Age Security?

In light of a short-lived NDP motion on Old Age Security eligibility, Kevin Milligan reviews the practical principles at play.


Of love and politics and life

Jonathan McLeod notes Jack Layton’s use of the word “love.”


Your tax dollars at work (II)

Kady O’Malley has the most comprehensive round-up of today’s parade. Some select highlights.


Our democracy runneth over

A Globe story—about democratic reform legislation, mind you—citing unnamed government officials is contradicted by an unsigned government email. Kady O’Malley spots one irony. Susan Delacourt finds another.


Rights and Democracy: So everyone agrees! And there’s no problem! Right?

Over at the CBC, our their Kady O’Malley points out that Parliamentary privilege being what it is — powerful — “none” of the exemptions claimed by the industrious board of Rights and Democracy “are remotely relevant” to the Foreign Affairs Committee’s request for the Deloitte forensic audit.


The Mailbag: Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, the shocking truth about Kady O’Malley

Welcome to the Tuesday Mailbag on Wednesday, where, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld (and there’s a phrase you don’t hear very often today, outside of Donald Rumsfeld’s house), we take the known unknowns (ie. how does Cadbury get the caramel into the Caramilk bar?) and turn them into known knowns (ie. unicorns!).

Remember – there are no stupid questions, except for asking Conan O’Brien how his week’s been going.



Today, we are all poor spellurs

CBC reprints an e-mail distributed by PMO implicating almost everyone in that inadvertent reference to improper hygiene. Note that our Kady is nearly identified as her own independent media outlet.

Don’t stop the presses!

Opening weekend: ‘State of Play’ revives the retro romance of the crusading newspaper reporter