Karl Belanger

Thomas Mulcair

The Commons: The NDP convenes with its past and its future

A weekend in Montreal with Mulcair and his brothers and sisters
Jack Layton

Too soon for a movie about Jack Layton?

Aaron Wherry on a fine rendering of Jack Layton’s life, love and last campaign
Thomas Mulcair

Notes on a floor-crossing

Considering the case of Claude Patry
Missing image

Political reaction to the shooting in Quebec

MPs offer thoughts and prayers to people of Quebec
‘Jack wouldn’t let us not carry on’

’Jack wouldn’t let us not carry on’

A sense of solidarity unites the NDP caucus
A force field of two

Jack Layton and Olivia Chow: A force field of two

For Layton and Chow, a singular political partnership, it was love at first sight