Karla Homolka


A new Karla Homolka controversy in Montreal

Homolka reportedly volunteered at her children’s new school, raising concern among other parents

Why Karla Homolka’s children will pay for her crimes

There is scant evidence of a threat, but the sins of the mother are to be laid upon the children

Karla Homolka’s French connection

Homolka wanted to restart her life in French. But even in Quebec, she has not avoided the media’s glare.

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Homolka rotator

Finding—and photographing—Karla Homolka

Finding and talking to Karla Homolka was hard enough. Taking her picture was a whole other challenge.
Magnotta Homolka rotator

Magnotta and Homolka: Anatomy of a rumour

Luka Rocco Magnotta never dated the notorious Karla Homolka—contrary to reports that just won’t die