Karlheinz Schreiber

Brian Mulroney is back

Maclean’s Archives: The former PM is out of purgatory and only too happy to tell Canadians (and Stephen Harper) what real leadership is about

Putting Mulroney through the wring cycle

The former PM’s life gets treated as a campy cartoon in Mulroney: The Opera


The judge isn’t buying it. Nor should we.

COYNE: Justice Oliphant’s report leaves no doubt about Mulroney’s credibility


‘I will leave it to others to assess the full impact of these events’

Brian Mulroney releases a statement in response to the Oliphant report.


‘These dealings do not reflect the highest standards of conduct’

Justice Oliphant’s public statement on his findings in the matter of Brian Mulroney and Karlheinz Schreiber is here.


The Harper test for calling a commission of inquiry

With Richard Colvin’s new letter, Paul Wells looks back at Harper’s decision to investigate Karlheinz Schreiber’s allegations


Newsmakers ’09: Exits

Paula Adbul, Wayne Gretzky and others that “bowed” out this year.


This Week: Good news/Bad news

Plus a week in the life of Amanda Rodrigues


Oh, Karlheinz. Don’t ever change.

His last words to Canada shows Schreiber is still playing games


So long, and thanks for all the fish: Liveblogging final arguments at the Oliphant Inquiry

Yes, it’s come to this: the curtain will rise on the last scene of the long-running drama that has been dazzling – and confounding – audiences at Old City Hall since the Oliphant Show opened to rave reviews earlier this year. Well, the last scene of Act One, anyway — we still have the second phase of public hearings to go, after all.