Katie Telford

Trudeau appears before a House of Commons committee on July 30, 2020 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

The Trudeau WE testimony: What, you wanted a micromanager?

Paul Wells: The Prime Minister and his chief of staff laid out their arguments for how to defend this honker. There were just a few problems.

Re-election means never having to say you’re sorry

Paul Wells: The Trudeau Liberals return confirmed in their beliefs and comforted by big numbers in Central Canada. The introspection is over.
Katie Telford

Maclean’s Live: Katie Telford in conversation with Paul Wells

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s chief of staff spoke candidly on gender equality, the India trip and the voters disappointed on electoral reforms

Katie Telford in conversation with Paul Wells: Seven key takeaways

The Prime Minister’s chief of staff sat down with Paul Wells for an hour. Here are seven answers to the thorniest questions—and those that looked ahead to 2019.
Katie Telford

Trudeau’s chief of staff Katie Telford on life inside the PMO

The most powerful woman in Canadian politics talks to Paul Wells about managing Liberal crises, the 2019 election and the importance of women in politics
Justin Trudeau

Is it time to change up Team Trudeau?

Stephen Maher: The PM can’t afford more sloppy mistakes and he may not be getting the stern warnings he needs to rein in his worst impulses
Manitoba , winnipeg, 2016 Liberal Biennial Convention

Meet Katie Telford, the most influential woman in Canadian politics

Katie Telford’s rise has been largely under the radar. Now she advises the PM on just about everything—and she’s determined to level the playing field for women in Ottawa
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When Trudeau called Trump: The story of the call that saved NAFTA

Was it normal diplomatic scheduling that led to Trudeau dissuading Trump from trashing NAFTA? Or was it all Jared Kushner’s doing?
Manitoba , winnipeg, 2016 Liberal Biennial Convention

Is there such thing as a ’backroom’ figure anymore?

Katie Telford, Justin Trudeau’s chief of staff, takes centre stage at the 2016 Liberal convention
Manitoba , winnipeg, 2016 Liberal Biennial Convention

Katie Telford on what the Liberal campaign was really all about

For the record: The chief of staff to Justin Trudeau on hard work, evidence-based risked, and people — lots and lots of people