Kellie Leitch

Kellie Leitch

The cautionary tale of Kellie Leitch

Stephen Maher: Leitch’s run as a would-be Trump tapping into anti-immigrant tensions was a bust. But there’s no reason to be complacent.
Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer walks a tightrope as he builds his shadow cabinet

Kellie Leitch and Brad Trost are shut out, Maxime Bernier is denied the finance portfolio—and just maybe, the world is unfolding as it should
Candidates Participate In The Final Federal Conservative Leadership Debate

Canada supports a ‘values’ test. But not the values of the far right.

While 84% of respondents back screening of new immigrants, the values they actually support seem to lean left
Newly elected Conservative leader Scheer speaks during a caucus meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Can Andrew Scheer fix the Conservative Party’s diversity problem?

Andrew Scheer must be at the forefront of rebuilding trust between the Conservative Party and racial and religious minorities

How Kellie Leitch accidentally revealed Canadian values

Her attempt at Trumpian populism repulsed most voters outside her party. But were Conservatives paying attention?
Conservative leadership

The highs and (many) lows of the Tory leadership race

From Leitch’s provocations, to O’Leary’s exit, to Bernier’s sustained traction, an intriguing contest is coming down to the wire

CPC Leadership: The Canadian Values Test with Murad Hemmadi

Ahead of this weekend’s Conservative leadership convention, Maclean’s editor Murad Hemmadi unpacks everything that’s wrong with Kellie Leitch’s ‘Canadian values’ screening questions.
Candidates Participate In The Federal Conservative Leadership Debate

Google search data proves it: the Tory leadership race is dull

The search engine giant’s data suggests Conservative leadership candidates are having a hard time standing out in the crowded race
HM Queen Elizabeth II fires a rifle during a visit to the Army rifle association at Bisley, England July 1993

Conservative leadership candidates bring out the big guns

Why Conservative hopefuls have taken to posing with guns to win over supporters, and what message their choice of weapon sends
Kevin O’ Leary

Conservative leadership race: The beginning of the end—but for whom?

The Conservative membership sign-up deadline is over—and the campaign messages have narrowed. Here’s what comes next.