Ken Whyte

Inauguration Day

Why Herbert Hoover was a giant of the 20th-century: A Q&A with biographer Ken Whyte

Hoover was viewed as the most competent man in America for feats such as saving 10 million from starvation during WWI
Right place, right time, right party

Right place, right time, right party

Paul Wells on how Ted Byfield helped pave the way for Harper’s majority win
House of Commons 20130327

The Parliamentarians of the Year

Maclean’s magazine hands out awards for best overall MP, best orator, best rookie and more
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Maclean’s Interview: Christopher Buckley

The novelist talks with Kenneth Whyte about growing up Buckley, losing his parents, and facing down the right
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Hello? Hello? Random House, are you there?

The Editor-in-Chief of Maclean’s was a bit ‘obsessive’ about the cover of his first book
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Video Gallery: Maclean’s Gala

Jeff Harris goes behind the scenes