Kevin Lamoureux

Kevin Lamoureux. (Photograph by Chris Roussakis)

Kevin Lamoureux: Even a night on the town can be work

The winner in the Hardest Working category of Maclean’s 2017 Parliamentarians of the Year awards on why the work-life line no longer exists for him
Kevin Lamoreux

Why Liberals want to change how MPs work in Ottawa

In this interview, MP Kevin Lamoureux suggests a Liberal election pledge trumps opposition outcry
Question Period 20170131

A debate on Trump’s refugee ban reveals Trudeau’s tricky tightrope

Trudeau earned international praise for his tweet. But at an emergency debate, demands for concrete action went ignored.

Kevin Lamoureux, who’s always ready for a debate

Maclean’s recognizes the Winnipeg MP who’s unafraid to speak his mind as the most knowledgeable MP of 2016

Kevin Lamoureux: Winnipeg’s golden (arches) boy

Each week MP Kevin Lamoureux sets up office in McDonald’s — to aid constituents in a pickle, to listen if they have a beef
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How to have an easier time passing an omnibus budget bill

The government might have maneuvered out of another voting marathon
knocked down runner boston marathon

The Commons: A day to debate terrorism

Justin Trudeau, the Boston Marathon bombing and Uncle Albert
Vic Toews

The Commons: Vic Toews’ real world

Imagining what other reality TV shows the government might approve of