Keystone pipeline


How Canada’s incoherence on climate is killing Keystone

In the absence of ambitious climate policies, Edmonton and Ottawa have decided on an ambitious program of wordsmithing
Keystone XL pipeline rally

The Keystone sideshow

By pushing to win Keystone battle, environmentalists could lose the war on climate change
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Shell CEO Peter Voser takes questions

Peter Voser talks with John Geddes about Arctic drilling, doing business with China, and why he deserves to be paid $15 million
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Congress approves bill mandating Keystone decision

Approval of tax-break legislation forces Obama to act on pipeline permit
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Tax break bill with Keystone clause dies in Congress

House of Representatives rejects the measure
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Keystone pipeline prospects dim after U.S. Senate vote

Republican senators celebrated small victory on Saturday vote
Joe Oliver

The Commons: Grumpy old men

Joe Oliver and Peter Kent have had enough of the hippies on the other side of the House of Commons
It’s time for Canada to seek other friends besides the U.S.

It’s time for Canada to seek other friends besides the U.S.

Canada can no longer count on obvious economic arguments to win over American decision-makers
Friends like these

The U.S. and Canada: we used to be friends

Why Barack Obama shelved the Keystone pipeline, and insulted Canada (yet again) in the process