Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell  Brian Mulroney

Canada’s coolest PM. (It’s not Justin Trudeau.)

Why Kim Campbell has emerged, decades after her brief stint as prime minister, as a key political voice among young Canadians
Kim Campbell  Brian Mulroney

Life after 24 Sussex: What comes next for former prime ministers?

Most served as corporate directors. Two testified at public inquiries. One will help appoint the next Supreme Court justice.
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton makes a speech during a campaign stop in Lynwood, California

Hillary Clinton, and the case for second

Amidst celebration of the first woman nominee for president, hope for all that comes next
Peace Tower

William Thorsell: ’The editorial I’d write ... if I were still writing them’

In a dispatch to followers, an ex-Globe editor dipped into his former trade. The column has people talking, which is why we reprint it here

The housing market has entered the twilight zone

Colin Campbell on banana republics and condo lawsuits


Patrick Chan’s hat trick, Kim Campbell’s condo, Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet and Canada’s NBA takeover

Statistical probabilities

The last three changes in government were not obviously foretold by publicly available polling data
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This week: Newsmakers

Kim Campbell schools the U.S. right, Naomi Campbell’s ‘Frost-Nixon moment,’ and Nabokov was right