Kim Cattrall

An article from Maclean’s 1981 issue. (Maclean’s)

How Kim Cattrall got a date with Pierre Trudeau

Amid a 60 Minutes controversy over a photo mix-up, we dug into the archives to hear from Kim Cattrall on how she met P.E.T.

Kim Cattrall on her new TV series, and hitting a ’treacherous’ age

A decade after ’Sex and the City,’ she’s back with a dark comedy about middle-aged angst

Kim Cattrall returns to the city, without so much sex

A more reflective, wry Cattrall emerges in the Toronto-set Sensitive Skin, her first television series in 10 years
WIll Ferguson

The Giller Gala Gallery

12 Maclean’s-exclusive photos of the nominees, the winner, plus Margaret Atwood!
In my next life I'd like to talk like this

In my next life I’d like to talk like this

Noël Coward truly knew how to live
Private Lives

Cattrall vs Gross in the gilded cage match of ’Private Lives’

When a battle of the sexes becomes an acting duel, a film critic finds it impossible to review the "moving target" of live theatre
Sex and the City 2

$ex and the City 2

These are no longer working women who like to shop. They’re post-feminist Barbies trapped in a Disney World of absurd opulence.
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The truth about Cleopatra

It turns out the iconic last queen of Egypt was noticeably less beautiful but a lot smarter than we thought
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Newsmakers: Breakups

From the Summer ’09 Newsmakers family edition