Kinder Morgan

What a letter about a pipeline taught me about ageism

Opinion: You can’t build a strong present or future by tearing down young or old people—a needed reminder after the backlash to a letter from the Prime Minister’s Youth Council

Author Naomi Klein poses for a photograph for her new book "No Is Not Enough: Resisting the New Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need," in Toronto on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

Naomi Klein on ‘disaster capitalism’ in Puerto Rico

By pushing Trans Mountain, Notley and Trudeau are ‘still doubling down on the old economy, and that means they have failed,’ she argues

Another day, another crazy Justin Trudeau pipeline juggling act

Terry Glavin: The PM had a five-star ecological plan to satisfy Alberta, environmentalists and, maybe most importantly, China. Then it all fell apart.

Bill Morneau

Why Trans Mountain is a bad deal for Canadian taxpayers

OPINION: Understanding incentives are the core of any smart economic policy. The Trudeau government seems to have a shaky grasp of that fact.

The complicated history of building pipelines in Canada

Canada has a long history of building energy pipelines, but Canadian attitudes toward major energy pipeline projects have changed over time

Rachel Notley on Trans Mountain: ‘It’s time to pick those tools back up, folks’

The Kinder Morgan pipeline will be built with B.C. workers using steel made in Saskatchewan from ore mined in Quebec, writes the Alberta premier

John Horgan: ‘It doesn’t matter who owns the Kinder Morgan pipeline, the risks remain’

We will continue to fight for B.C.’s interests, and stand up for our people, our province, and our future, writes the B.C. premier

By buying Trans Mountain, the Trudeau government breaks an array of promises

Opinion: In one fell swoop, the Liberal government’s purchase of Kinder Morgan’s pipeline fails many groups, from Indigenous communities to the provinces themselves

The federal government gets Trans Mountain—and B.C. gets a new, tougher foe

Opinion: The B.C. government had hoped to kill Trans Mountain by waiting Kinder Morgan out. That plan backfired. Still, there are X-factors that could help John Horgan

The faulty math behind Trudeau’s reasoning for buying Trans Mountain from Kinder Morgan

Opinion: The federal government says delays to the Trans Mountain pipeline were costing Canada $15 billion a year. But that may not be quite right.

Why Trudeau decided to buy Trans Mountain—and hopes to sell it again soon

The feds cuts a deal to buy the pipeline and will bank on positive court rulings, but protests are another matter entirely

Ottawa buying Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline, terminal for $4.5 billion

The finance minister announced that Ottawa will spend $4.5 billion to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline, but that it doesn’t plan on being a long-term owner