Korean War

Romeo Daley

What the Pyeongchang Games mean for veterans of the Korean War

For a host of Canadian veterans, Pyeongchang is a reminder of what was accomplished during the Korean War. But also what was lost.
Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Meets With Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland At The State Dept.

How Canada fits into Rex Tillerson’s plan for North Korea

Paul Wells parses diplomatic history as the U.S. secretary of state arrives in Ottawa to talk North Korea

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The soldier explains the tense relationship with Korean civilians
Iraq: Ten years later

Twenty-eight more people die in Iraq

Tease the day: Does the Korean experience give anyone hope that Iraq will eventually prosper?

Remembering Korea: Roy Jardine

The infantrymen describes the front lines in 1952

From the archives: Pierre Berton and the Korean War

A panel of veterans and historians react to Berton’s critical view

Remembering Korea: Stanley “Sam” Carr

The infantrymen recounts his time as a prisoner of war in 1953

Remembering Korea: Aimé Michaud

The Van Doos infantryman recounts the trauma of an injury on the front lines

Remembering Korea: John Woods

The infantryman recalls the carnage at Chail-Li

Remembering Korea: Doug Raynbird

The Manitoban describes his time entertaining the troops