labour market

I’m a third-generation farmer. This industry needs more skilled labour to survive.

“As my dad’s generation moves into retirement, we face a growing threat: reduced access to skilled labour”

Three ways the federal budget will affect the lives of Canadians’

The budget addressed employment insurance, daycare and affordable housing and jobs for your children.

The closer you look, the weaker Canada’s job market appears

A refined look at the data shows that some demographics in the labour force are enduring near-historic unemployment rates

The worker factory

Is Canada’s ‘skills gap’ really a non-issue?

Making the case for a looming labour shortage


Half of all college grads work in a jobs that don’t require degrees: study

Hate your job? Here, probably, is the answer why. Nearly half of all college grads, or 48 per cent, work in jobs that don’t require a degree, says a new U.S. study. Thirty-seven per cent have jobs that require only a high school diploma. Economists at Ohio University say the ranks of over-educated workers are growing fast, too. In 1970, one per cent of college grads drove taxis, compared to 15 per cent in 2010. Underemployment “is almost the new normal,” the study’s lead researcher told USA Today. Most depressing: it comes at a time when education costs are rising fast.

Are we in for another doctor exodus to the U.S.?

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Students are still flocking to study the soft sciences


Grad school applications up

Slowing economy prompts more students to stay in school


Forget grad school!

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