Labour Party

Britain Election

Jeremy Corbyn wins, even when he loses

Labour did not win the U.K. election, but its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, owned the night

Are Theresa May’s Tories about to blow the U.K. election?

Britain’s Conservatives held a huge poll lead going into the election—but they’re losing ground to Labour. What’s going on?
Former London mayor Ken Livingstone speaks to the media after appearing on the LBC radio station in London

The U.K.’s official opposition debates anti-Semitism

The U.K.’s beleaguered Labour Party tries to explain the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism
HMS Vanguard – 15 Jan 2005

In England, politics goes nuclear

The U.K.’s Labour leader wants nuclear disarmament, and he’s going to war with his own party to try and get it
Party leader Jeremy Corbyn listens as Britain’s shadow Chancellor of the exchequer John McDonnell delivers his keynote speech the annual Labour Party Conference in Brighton

No love in Labour: Jeremy Corbyn’s slipping grip on his party

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is openly rebelling against him. Why he needs to take a page from Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister David Cameron Announces Free Schools Pledge

The disunited kingdom: Why class is key in the U.K. election

Scott Gilmore on interesting times in U.K. politics and why Jason Kenney is such a hot topic at British dinner parties
Rochester and Strood by-election

How to make sense of England’s ’van man’ election

The latest bit of British political theatre foretells the coming election—how the far-right, anti-immigration movement is rising