Think voting isn’t worth it? Take a look at the results in Labrador.

If ever there were a reminder that every vote counts, it rang loudly and clearly during the Newfoundland and Labrador election, where a handful of people could have changed the game.

How this Indigenous community enjoyed a rare caribou feast

A hunting ban meant it had been years since residents of Nain had tasted caribou meat, which had once sustained them for centuries. An avalanche and one man’s vision changed that.
William’s harbour

Lights out in William’s Harbour: a tribute to the land and community

The 34-resident Inuit community off the southeastern coast of Labrador made the tough decision to resettle due to a small population and an ageing community, leaving historic roots behind. "Seasons of home" is a tribute to life in William’s Harbour, written and read by resident Pam Penney. Read the full story here:
Peter Penashue

Why are Labradorians so ungrateful?

Peter Penashue’s re-election campaign seems to be in trouble
Peter Penashue

Peter Penashue: Over-sharer

What project did he hold up?
Sarah Harmer Bruce Hyer Elizabeth May

The Greens stand down in Labrador

Elizabeth May’s party wants to cooperate
Peter Penashue

The meaning of Peter Penashue

The stage is set for a fascinating by-election

The Commons: Stephen Harper is very sensitive

And Pierre Poilievre calls us all to a higher purpose