Las Vegas shooting

The NRA is wrong: Real life is not an action movie

Opinion: The NRA says ‘the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.’ Research—and the Las Vegas shooting—proves otherwise.

How Las Vegas shooting victim Jordan McIldoon didn’t die alone

Almost 60 people died in the worst mass shooting in modern American history. This is the story of the last minute of one man’s life—and the goodness that rushed in afterwards.

Why country music needs to speak up about gun control

After the mass shooting at a Las Vegas country music festival, it’s time for the industry’s biggest stars to advocate for better gun control in the United States.

How U.S. presidents fail in their mass shooting responses

When Americans are gunned down, presidential rhetoric is demanded. But even when it’s moving (Obama) or spiritual (Trump), does it matter?

After Las Vegas terror, GOP lawmakers hem and haw

Another mass shooting, another day in Washington. ‘It’s hard to eliminate people who are madmen, no matter what we do,’ says one senator.

How the Las Vegas shooting compares to the five most deadly gun rampages before it

Before Las Vegas there was the Pulse nightclub, Virginia Tech, Newtown, Luby’s Cafeteria and San Ysidro McDonald’s mass killings

Eric Paddock speaks about his brother’s murderous rampage in Las Vegas

‘It’s like an asteroid fell out of the sky. There’s exactly no logic.’

Two Canadians identified as victims in Las Vegas shooting

A Vancouver man and an Alberta woman have been killed in the gunfire

Las Vegas Shooting: A night of terror in photos (warning: graphic)

Photos show scenes of chaos as first responders scrambled to find the killer, rescue the injured and secure the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas shooting: Video shows the chaos and aftermath

Video emerges of the chaos, confusion and heroism during the mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night

Las Vegas shooting: Hear from the Canadians who survived

Witnesses recount the events of a deadly shooting on the Las Vegas strip that has killed at least 50 people

Donald Trump speaks after Las Vegas shooting: Live video

Trump addresses the nation in the aftermath of the deadliest shooting in modern American history. Watch the speech here.