Laurin Liu

Big Bird! Bev Oda! Binders of women! Some of the hottest political Halloween outfits!

NDP MPs, staffers and friends gathered for Halloween at the NDP watering hole Brixton’s. Outfits included Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women,” Bev Oda sipping $16 OJ (albeit from a plastic container) and NDP MP Niki Ashton as Big Bird.

Happy Canada Day

Aaron Wherry on who said what on July 1


C-38: The opposition

Courtesy of YouTube, a selection of opposition speeches in response to the budget bill.


A scouting report on Team Mulcair

Here again is the roster for Thomas Mulcair’s shadow cabinet. What to make of it? Here are several observations.


Free ride

The Globe finds six NDP MPs who were elected on the cheap.


The endorsements

Peggy Nash wins the support of Laurin Liu and Elaine Michaud. And Brian Masse has endorsed Nathan Cullen. Glenn Thibeault endorsed Thomas Mulcair yesterday. And, last week, Carol Hughes endorsed Niki Ashton.


Leading the world

France is unimpressed.


This is the week that was

One part of the In-and-Out scandal came to an end with the Conservatives pleading guilty and claiming victory.


‘It’s important that we have our say’

Laurin Liu goes back to school.

Change of guard

A changing of the guard at the NDP

A new crop of young NDP MPs are out to show they can deliver for their constituents


The fresh face of democracy

The Mark talks to NDP MP Laurin Liu.