Law 78

United Nations Geneva

Top United Nations official "disappointed" with Bill 78

Watchdog says it’s immoral to mention Canada
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CEGEP students must confirm plans by Friday

Students who don’t risk losing credits
photo protests montreal

Concordia to punish those who blocked classes

Code of Rights explicitly outlaws obstruction
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Modest crowds at Casserole Nights

Much of Canada remains unmoved by Quebec
quebec mask and flames

Quebec’s new ruling class

An in-depth look at the nightly protests in Montreal
pot banging protest

Quebec’s pots and pans protesters

Forget tuition. It’s all about Law 78 now.
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Meet the average Quebecer

The portrait painted by the polls
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Several hundred arrests in Quebec overnight

Montreal Police employ "kettling"
Que Student Protests 20120515

How Quebec’s back-to-school bill fails

Political scientist Emmett Macfarlane weighs in
someone arrest me screen grab

100 days of student protests in Quebec

Occupy, Anonymous and Michael Moore join students