CEGEP students must confirm plans by Friday

Students who don’t risk losing credits

Students at 14 Quebec CEGEPs (junior colleges) who have been ordered back to classes in August by the controversial Bill 78 have until Friday to confirm their plans to finish their stalled terms, reports the Montreal Gazette. If they do not agree to return to school when classes resume (on Aug. 17 at most CEGEPs), they will be assigned zeros in all of the courses they started in January.

No deal has been made between students opposed to Quebec’s tuition hike, which last pegged at $1,778 over seven years. The hike prompted a “general strike” that shut down many CEGEPs.

The government reacted by imposing Bill 78 in May. The emergency law will force students back to school. It also imposes fines of $1,000 to $125,000 against individuals and groups who block pupils from studying and requires those planning protests of 50 or more to register with police.